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Elder Scrolls Online – Let's Celebrate the Summerfall Event

Summer ends for Elder Scrolls Online players with a fun event that gives them the chance to get some one of a kind rewards. The event is called Summerfall and it's targeted at those who own the expansion. This is also a great time to buy the expansion for a discounted price. 
The main objective of the event is to get the Summerset Pathfinder achievement. This is obtained when players explore and discover various locations on the isle of Summerset. There are 10 locations that must be discovered. Nine of them are on Summerset and the tenth is located on Artaeum. Locations are pretty easy to discover and there's also a map on the official Elder Scrolls Online website that displays all of them. The Pathfinder achievement is not difficult to obtain. With each player that gets the achievement, the Summerfall meter advances. When the meter reaches certain values, all players who have the expansion receive rewards. 

The first reward is unlocked at 33%. It's a Psijic mascot pony pet. The second reward is received when the meter reaches 66%. Players get the Psijic escort charger mount. The grand reward is obtained when the meter is complete at 100%. It's a house. The Artaeum manor house is a Psijic style villa and it looks awesome. 

Players have until the 7th of October to claim the rewards. The Summerset sale ends on October 2nd. Players don't need to have the achievement unlocked to get the pet, mount, Elder Scrolls Online gold and house. Those who already have the achievement will still contribute to the meter. When the event starts, the meter takes into consideration the achievements that are already obtained. The more players with Pathfinder, the better the initial meter boost. The meter can be seen on the official Elder Scrolls Online website. Full meter completion means that a certain number of players must have the achievement. The number is not disclosed, however, it doesn't mean that all players who have Summerset must have the achievement for the meter to reach 100%. 


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