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Good Time to Farm Island Expeditions for Rewards
Want to get more WoW mounts, WoW pets, transmog for Artifact power? Then this week is good time to farm Island Expeditions. Due to the Siege Engine Controller / Demolisher Controller consumbles, Island Expeditions is very lucrative source of Artifact power and it is good ways for all the players to get greater rewards. At mmorpg-leveling, we highly recommend you buy WoW items and WoW gold from a trustworthy website and enjoy the top-end & best service!


You buy the Siege Engine Controller / Demolisher Controller items off a vendor on your ship for 3 Seafarer's Dubloon. The Alliance vendor, Lieutenant Elda and the Horde vendor, Provisioner Burg are up this week. Vendors in Island Expeditions rotate weekly and it's likely that this vendor won't be up for another 9 weeks.

Seafarer's Dubloon is a currency that is used solely for Island Expeditions, which allows you to buy consumables to speed up your Island Expeditions. 

Here are some brief into on Siege Engine/ Demolisher abilities and how to farm island expeditions quoted from wowhead.

“Siege Engine / Demolisher Abilities
Upon using the consumable, you'll be put into a vehicle with 300k health and your action bar will have 5 new buttons on it.
1.  Hurl Boulder - A ground targeted reticule that does ~25k to all targets in the area.
2.  Flame Vents - Deals ~5k per tick to all enemies close to the player in close range.
3.  High Gear - Increases speed by 75% for 5 seconds.
4.  Rain of Death - Deals 150k damage to all enemies close to the player after a couple seconds.
5.  Shoot Firework /  Shoot Firework - Purely cosmetic firework to show off your Faction Pride.

While the Demolisher is able to put out significant DPS, it is VERY frail, especially on Mythic Island Expeditions. We'd recommend having a Tank that will hold threat off of the Siege Engine / Demolisher. If the Tank is able to sustain themselves, you are able to run 1 Tank + 2 Demolishers for a very quick clear.

Here are some general tips for using a Demolisher:

The Demolishers should play ranged and using the Hurl Boulder ability.
Whenever the Rain of Death move into melee range, pop the ability and quickly get out. Many mobs will use very damaging abilities in melee range.
The Tank should watch for any mobs that they lose threat on during this time, as Rain of Death hits very very hard
The Flame Vents ability is risky for the amount of time you spend in melee and generally isn't worth the risk.
Use High Gear to escape if the tank loses aggro on a mob, or the enemy faction comes looking for you.”

So hope you catch the chance to farm Island expeditions to get rewards. To boost your power rapid and gain more advantage over others, you can choose to buy WoW Power leveling, WoW items and other service from mmorpg-leveling.com. Our hard-work team member is ready to help you get what you need and guarantees to offer you the best. Buy WoW items here, and you will enjoy cheap price and fast delivery!


The MMORPG-Leveling.com.com Team

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