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ESO 2017 Power Leveling Guide

This is how I power level my characters. The principles are the same for all characters, it’s just different gear and combos depending on the character. There are a couple of things that are important to mention.

Most important part when power leveling is your gear and experience boosters.

I have a whole guide on experience boosters, which also covers mundus stones and consumables.


Once you’re done with that guide, check out the gear guide which explains what to go for in terms of sets, how to go about it and a couple of other tips.

So open those in new tabs and read them when you can, they’re packed with information that you need to know and will allow me to keep this guide shorter.

So what’s next?


Picking a Good Spot to Grind


A good grinding spot ideally (in my opinion) fulfills the following conditions:
  • Has lots of mobs & gives lots of xp. Obviously, without this nothing else matters really.
  • Mobs are also not buffed up to the extremes, and can be killed fairly easy with a decently or even less skilled partner, requiring no more than 2 players in total.
  • Bonus points if it’s an instanced delve so no one can interrupt and mobs don’t respawn (can be useful when you’re afk). Nothing worse than competing with dozens of people in an overland zone and praying that they end up in a different instance of the zone once they come back.
  • Bonus points if it’s fairly profitable with potentially decent drops that you can deconstruct or sell, and even turn a little profit when done.
  • Bonus points if it also has a lot of undead mobs that can level up your fighters guild skill line (this takes some time to level up on its own).

So with those things in mind, what’s popular nowadays?


Skyreach Catacombs


This delve is all the rage nowadays.

It fulfills all of the conditions above and is also available to anyone with a basic account, since it’s located in Craglorn that doesn’t require any special DLC access or purchases.

Instanced, full of undead mobs, decent drops with a chance for fairly expensive motif chapters, can be done on ‘normal’ mode with a ton of xp, perfect.

Now, since ESO is a huge game with a lot of zones and delves, there are potentially many more good spots like this one, as well as a lot of good overland spots that can be vacant in non prime time.

I don’t have the time to hunt for all of them, I personally just pick the next best thing at the time and use it to my advantage, and so should you.

The best way to find more spots is to ask people in the game, and even though I’ll show you some of them here, things change over time and grinding spots get toned down in the future, inevitably.

What was good last year, might not be very good this year and so on.

To get to Skyreach Catacombs, use the shrine where I’m located on the map.

It’s very close by and make sure you’re doing it on ‘normal’ mode, there’s no need for veteran mode.


Overland Grinding Spots


Here are a couple of spots that I’d usually go to as a solo player and get the job done on my own, but you can go with a partner of course.

Since One Tamriel, you can go wherever you want so it doesn’t matter if you’re a different alliance than me.

I’m usually always Aldmeri Dominion, so for me it was always routine.

Here’s a basic overland spot that’s usually free and will take you from level 3 (I assume you skipped Coldharbour for your alternate characters) to about level 5-6 or so.

After you gain a few quick levels here, you can move a bit north to the second (kind of) circle on the map (I’m very bad at drawing) and get another 10 or so levels there.

Once done, you’ll be above level 10 for sure.

The next, very famous grinding spot that I’d often go to, is the Dreugh one in Stonefalls.

Here you can just go all the way to level 50 if you want, or try some other spots if there are too many players around and you can’t get a group.

Next up is Alik’r Desert undead grinding spot.

Also a very famous spot, usually there’s always someone around, but feel free to ask players to group you.

This spot has two possible rotations that function independently, so you can try the alternate one in the back if the primary one is occupied by too many players, or just do the full standard one if you can.

So that’s about it for the overland spots, this should be enough to get you started.

I might do separate guides on all these in the future, but for now you should be good to go.

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